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John Collins


John Collins was an active patriot of Rhode Island during the Revolution. He was born in that State in 1717. After receiving a good education, he studied law, and became an advocate of considerable reputation. Being a zealous supporter of the rights of the colonists, he was elected a member of the Continental Congress, where his services were of a practical and efficient character. When the independence of his country was once declared, he lent all his energies to upholding the declaration, and was a chief advocate of the Articles of Confederation to which we find his signature affixed.
   In 1786, Mr. Collins was elected governor of Rhode Island; and he held that office until 1789. He then retired from the theatre of public action, to enjoy the calm pleasures of private life. He died in 1795, at the age of seventy-eight years. He was an earnest and intelligent patriot.

Source: Marshall, James V.. The United States Manual of Biography and History. Philadelphia: James B. Smith & Co., 1856. Page 135. (Some minor spelling changes may have been made.)


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