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Nathaniel Gorham


Nathaniel Gorman was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, May 27, 1738.
   He received an excellent education, and possessing uncommon talents, he always appeared to advantage in company with literary men. He settled in business at the place of his nativity, but being a constant, fearless, and independent lover of freedom, seemed to be formed more for public life than to succeed in mercantile pursuits.
   Mr. Gorham was chosen representative for Charlestown, in 1771,and every year till the commencement of the Revolutionary war. He was a very assiduous attendant on the house of representatives, and was a leader in all their debates. In 1779 he was elected a delegate of the convention which formed the constitution of his native State. In 1784 he was chosen a member of the Congress of the United States, and soon after elected president of that honorable body.
   In 1787, Mr. Gorham was a member of the grand convention which formed the federal constitution. In this august body, he sustained a high reputation for his knowledge and integrity. He stood high with all parties for his wisdom and prudence, and eloquence in debate. He was on this account one of the most influential members of the State convention, which adopted the constitution. He died, June 11, 1796, at the age of fifty-eight year

Source: Marshall, James V.. The United States Manual of Biography and History. Philadelphia: James B. Smith & Co., 1856. Pages 165 and 166. (Some minor spelling changes may have been made.)


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